Your Leading Distribution Center for Sewer Inspection Cameras & Hydro Jetters 

6000 S. Eastern Ave Ste 2C, Las Vegas NV 89119 * Phone (702) 527-5100

Sewer Camera Made in USA

Sewer Equipment Company of Nevada 

100' Cut 1/8" Jet with Ends 

Working Pressure 4000 PSI 


100' Cut 1/8" Sewer Jet Hose

  • All Sewer Equipment Company of Nevada  Sewer Jet Nozzles are warrantedfor a period of one years from the purchase date. The warranty covers manufacturer defects parts & labor. The warranty does not cover any shipping or handling charges incurred. Sewer Equipment Company of Nevada does not assume any liability for damage caused by, shipping, accidents, neglect, abuse, tampering. misuse, or repairs done by another person or entity. At no time is Sewer Equipment Company of Nevada responsible for loss of work while equipment is in for service. For Warranty Work please contact our service center.

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