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This heavy duty model is equipped with a 3/4 HP reversible motor and separate 10:1 ratio gearbox. Additional features include skid bars for added frame protection, large rubber wheels and a front handle for easy transportation. The rear rubber bumper absorbs shock when positioning the machine on its back while the added feature of a tow ring helps to pull the machine up the ramp. This model performs smoothly, quietly, efficiently and is designed for easy one man operation. Model GO 68HD is perfect for clearing roots, sludge, grease, sand and rags in sewer lines from 3" to 10" in diameter up to 500 feet long.


3/4 HP 110 Volt Ball Bearing Motor
Ground Fault Interrupter
10:1 Ratio Heavy Duty Gearbox
11/16" X 150' Cable
Cable Rotation: 175 RPM
Pipe Size: 3" to 10" Diameter
Maximum Pipe Length: 500 Feet
Dimensions: 43" L x 26" W x 30" H
Net Weight: 255 LBS

GO-68HD Drain Machine

  • 1 Year Warranty - Manufacture Defects Parts & Labor

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