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Triad 2310 ULSX


Versatile underground locator used for:
>Line Tracing (pipes,cables,tracer wires, etc.)
>Passive line tracing (power cables, etc.)
>Sonde locating (coil-type transmitters, camera heads)
>Conduit locating and tracing
Uncomplicated and intuitive user interface that simplifies and speeds up most locating jobs
LCD screen offers visual display of intended target as well as audio response
Visual response provides both location and orientation of desired line or sonde
Search direction indicators, constant numerical response, automatic gain and set-up options
Universal application as both receiver and transmitter are compatible with other locators on the market
Will automatically scan and syncronize to any catalogued frequency between 50Hz-200KHz
Receiver comes standard with over 35 catalogued frequencies
Receiver comes standard with 4 passive modes (High voltage mode optional)
Automatic depth and accuracy reporting
Single trigger control
Transmitter built into carry case: comes standard with nine operating frequencies (9 conductive, 3 inductive)
Transmitter equipped with Goldak's patented SI super inductor antenna system for enhanced inductive capability.
Durable construction:high impact ABS and Xenoy plastic
Lightweight and compact: Receiver just over 4 Lbs./Transmitter approx. 13 Lbs.
Rec.powered by 8 "AA" batts. (approx. 50 Hrs.)
Trans.powered by built-in rechargeable lithium ion system

Triad 2310 ULSX


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